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Project Engine

An experienced executive and a PE professional are leading the acquisition of a highly profitable lead generation business. While the target company maintains an industry-leading position, the acquiring entrepreneurs have identified significant growth opportunities. The entrepreneurs are seeking ~$100K to complete the acquisition of the $1.8M EBITDA business at a ~3.5x purchase multiple. 


Project Marketer

An INSEAD MBA and former management consultant with over 11 years of experience is leading the acquisition of a technology-driven marketing and communications company. The target company offers a comprehensive suite of direct and digital marketing services and utilizes proprietary software that enables data driven multi-channel marketing services for clients.The target's strong competitive position and brand have driven the company to an annualized growth of 36%  for the last 3 years and recognition by Inc. 5000. The entrepreneur is seeking $750K in equity to complete the acquisition of the $1.39M EBITDA business at a 5.35x purchase multiple. The entrepreneur sees significant growth through multiple avenues and estimates a growth path to annual EBITDA over $6M by 2022 with 20.3% annualized revenue growth.


Project Cooling

A founder of an SMB-focused strategic advisory firm and INSEAD MBA is leading the acquisition of a New York-based HVAC company specializing in the installation and maintenance of through-the-wall Packed Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC). The business possesses very low customer concentration, and the entrepreneur projects growth opportunities through service area expansion, advertising/marketing updates, improved pricing, and add-on acquisitions. The entrepreneur is seeking $800K in equity to acquire the company at an EBITDA multiple of 3.15x.