HBS Search Fund Conference
8:00 AM08:00

HBS Search Fund Conference

The conference will paint a vivid picture of how searches work—both from the investor and searcher perspective. Through panels and presentations, the conference will cover the following topics:


  • Choosing Your Model & Raising Capital. Learn how investors evaluate searchers. 
  • Going International. Assess the added challenges and opportunities of a non-US search.
  • Closing The Deal. Investigate the processes of a search fund acquisition.
  • Searching & Prospecting. Compare strategies and tactics for finding a company to acquire.
  • The First 100 Days. Evaluate the main challenges, best practices and tactics of managing your business post-acquisition.
  • Dealing With Adversity.  Examine what happens when searchers encounter adversities.
  • Meet the Investors. Hear from the capital providers.
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Stanford GSB Search Fund Conference
7:30 AM07:30

Stanford GSB Search Fund Conference

Stanford GSB’s first Search Fund Conference is designed for CEOs, directors, and investors of search-acquired companies, as well as those actively searching for a company to buy. Our goal is to provide attendees with the opportunity to learn more about growing and leading operating companies from top faculty and executives, while connecting with other search operators and investors in Stanford’s stimulating setting.

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