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What is

Equire is a marketplace platform connecting entrepreneurs seeking to acquire and operate $700K-$7M EBITDA small businesses, accredited investors interested in accessing an underutilized asset class producing IRRs >25%, and intermediaries/small business owners looking to sell businesses to qualified and capitalized buyers.

What is Equire's mission?

Equire's mission is to empower entrepreneurs by presenting acquisition funding and deal sourcing services enabling entrepreneurs to acquire, operate and grow SMBs.

I work with a Private Equity Firm, Search Fund or Family Office and am seeking to assure I have tremendous deal flow, how can I use Equire?

Equire DealSource is a very beneficial service for Private Equity Firms and Family Offices to reliably and cost efficiently get access to lower-mid market deals. For more on obtaining full access to the database through Equire DealSource.

How does Equire source such great lower-middle market deal flow?

Equire DealSource was built to serve buyers and searchers in the difficult-to-navigate and fragmented lower-middle market. Through a blend of SMB Intermediary/Owner deal form submissions, approved websites and through intermediary email submisssions, Equire is able to provide an extensive and relevant lower-middle market deal sourcing service.

I am an entrepreneur exploring the option of buying a business, where can I learn more?

Equire serves entrepreneurs seeking to buy a new business through DealSource and DealFund. DealSource aggregates lower-mid market "non-main street" $700K-7M EBITDA intermediary offerings from 2,000+ sources, and focus on tertiary intermediaries that are under-represented in the marketplace. We maintain a live database of 180+ active listings and provide a curated supply of 15-25 relevant opportunities per week that are often outside of the highly competitive network auction process. DealFund helps you aggregate and solidify investor commitments from our base of 150+ accredited investors. We also help manage your legal documents and cut legal costs.

Why would an entrepreneur look to buy a small business rather than start one from scratch?

The fact is the majority of startups fail, and sometimes even the most promising startups led by the smartest entrepreneurs are unsuccessful due to factors beyond their control. Oftentimes the greatest startup successes are as much as anything else, a result of being in the right place at the right time. Acquiring a healthy and profitable small business is far less risky than starting a new business. Many SMBs for sale across the U.S. already possess a viable service or product. What these businesses often lack are the strong sales, marketing, digital, management skills and tech savviness that you as an entrepreneur possess. Combining these skills with an already successful business generating recurring yearly revenue of $5M+ and EBITDAs greater than $700K+ is historically far more successful and lucrative for entrepreneurs than starting a business from scratch.

What are the benefits for independent entrepreneurs to use Equire rather than the Search Fund model?

We founded Equire to better serve entrepreneurs, and we believe our DealFund model is more entrepreneur-friendly than any other funding model. While the Search Fund model typically offers entrepreneurs between 12 and 25% equity in a company, Equire typically allows entrepreneurs to maintain upwards of 50% ownership in the company they acquire and operate.

How does Equire cut entrepreneur's legal costs?

Equire is partnered with Assure Fund Management to facilitate distributions and K1s, amongst other services

I am an accredited investor, what does Equire offer?

Equire offers accredited investors exposure to the hard-to-reach SMB equity asset class, which provides private equity profile returns.

Who can invest?

Investment through Equire's marketplace is open to all Accredited Investors.

Who is an Accredited Investor?

An accredited investor is someone who meets the standards set by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which allow them to invest in certain private securities offerings. An accredited investor is one of the following: • An individual with income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 • An individual with net worth or joint net worth that exceeds $1 million or has assets under management of $1 million or above (excluding the value of their primary residence) • A bank, insurance company, registered investment company, business development company or small business investment company • An employee benefit plan, charitable organization, corporation, partnership or trust with total assets exceeding $5 million Visit the SEC's website for a complete definition

I am a deal intermediary looking to market a company for sale to a highly qualified and capitalized buyer base, how can the Equire marketplace be of use?

Equire DealSource is a marketplace of 4,000+ active lower middle market buyers. Buyers in our marketplace possess a wide range of industry and regional interests and have access to capital through Equire DealFund or through outside sources.

I am a business owner and I am looking to sell my business?

Equire DealSource provides SMB Owners access to a marketplace of 4,000+ active lower middle market buyers. To capture this highly qualified and capitalized buyer base.