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Detailing an Active Search Fund in Dallas

"Why Many Entrepreneurs Are Turning to a ‘Search-Fund’ Model," a recently published article in D Magazine, familarizes novices with the concept of entrepreneurship through acquisition. The article details Simone and Malcolm Collins, a young married couple who recently raised $600K to conduct a search for a small business to acquire.

"Also known as “entrepreneurship through acquisition,” the relatively new but increasingly popular business model involves raising a pool of capital from investors in order to locate and acquire an existing, privately held company."

"Last spring... the couple was able to secure $600,000 from 17 investors for the search part of their quest, which could last as long as two years. Once they identify a company to buy—they’re looking now at targets with $5 million to $50 million in annual revenue, in a variety of industries—their investors will serve as advisers and have first-refusal rights to pony up the cash required to make the acquisition."

"Last May, for one example, Irving-based HousingWire, a media company specializing in the housing industry, was acquired by a search fund called Riomar Capital."

Read Glenn Hunter's full article in D Magazine.

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