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Small business equity is a unique asset class that is largely underutilized, even in well diversified portfolios.

Equire offers accredited investors exposure to the hard-to-reach SMB equity asset class, which provides private equity profile returns. Motivated entrepreneurs, hailing from top MBA programs and/or possessing significant experience growing businesses and managing employees, add value to SMBs by utilizing their skill sets to improve operations, grow sales and grow shareholder value.

INVEST ON A DEAL-BY-DEAL BASIS: Deal-by-deal investors are aggregated into a single syndicate-represented special purpose series LLC. We require that all investors are certified independently before receiving formal investment solicitation.

INVEST IN OUR FUND: The Equire Fund is a managed fund that provides investment diversification by investing in various SMB investment opportunities.

ACTIVE INVESTORS: A limited number of accredited investors can participate in a syndicated deal with a minimum investment of $5,000 per investor. Average investor target IRRs are >25%.


Deal Lead's act as sponsors or "syndicates" with entrepreneurs not only to be value-added SMB acquisition mentors, but more formally, (1) to lead the marketplace investing effort and (2) to set the initial investment terms. The Deal Leads are often more active investors. Syndicates take a 5-15% carry in the deals they bring to the platform. For value-added investors with strong access to deal flow, we suggest you apply to be a syndicate.


To act in the best interests of entrepreneurs, small businesses and investors, we operate a 100% transparent platform. charges a (1) flat administrative & legal documentation fee and (2) retains a carry in platform business equity.

Sample Deal

Entrepreneur under LOI for $850k EBITDA Manufacturer

20% Ownership, 12% PIK Interest - Preferred

$350k [$5,000 min]

Ryan has 10 years experience in investment banking & private equity and is seeking Preferred capital to fund the acquisition of a small company to directly operate. As a graduate from a top MBA program, Ryan has been searching for a company for 14 months and now under LOI to acquire a 50 year old manufacturing company in the North East US.

DEAL STRUCTURE: 55% SBA 7(a) Senior Loan, 20% Preferred Note & 25% seller financing


EXIT: 7-10 years