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Equire DealSource Premium Agreement - Single Acquisition

Equire Finance, Inc. (“Equire”)    |    460 Park Avenue South, 12th Floor    |    New York, NY 10016   | DealSource Premium Agreement

Provides access for a maximum of 2 users at the firm

A.     “Independent Contractor” Recurring Consulting Services Provided to Paying Premium Subscribers

a.      Intermediary Listing Aggregation for Lower-Middle Market Companies [Primarily in the United States]

                                                i.     Due to fluctuating deal volume Equire does not make any express or implied warranty or guaranty to furnish any certain number of active listings, but makes best efforts we to identify and share 100-200 relevant opportunities in any distribution.

                                               ii.     Aggregated listings will provide a minimum of listing title, short listing description of the nature of the listed business, approximate revenue [If known], approximate cash flow [If known], approximate offering price [If known], and geographic region [If known].

b.      Premium Email Distribution Frequency:  Between 5 and 8 emails per month; subject to fluctuation due to various causes including, without limitation, market events, deal volume, holidays and other reasons in the sole discretion of Equire.

c.      Premium Email Delivery:  Monday & Wednesday at approximately 2PM EST, subject to change without notification.

d.      Premium Email Listing Format:  Both a PDF and CSV file are provided.

B.      Refunds & Exchanges – Paid subscriptions shall not be refunded where services have been delivered.

C.     Subscription Cancellations - Monthly subscription are effective immediately upon signing the date of signing this document.  Cancellations may be made at any time and are effective on the first day of the subsequent month.  Partial month subscriptions due to cancellations will be pro-rated to the day based upon a 30.5 day calendar month.  Provided, however, that a user who cancels a subscription two (2) or more times in any twelve (12) month period, such subscriber shall pay a $75.00 initiation prior to the initiation or effectiveness of any subsequent subscription.

D.     Revoking Subscriber Access – Equire is committed to supporting a generally fair market and amicable market dealings.  At any point and for any reason, Equire may revoke a subscriber’s membership and premium access.  In this instance, Equire may, in its sole and absolute discretion, determine and communicate the revocation without notification.

E.      Recurring Payments – Upon signing this document, monthly subscription fees shall be automatically deducted from the subscribers account on a monthly basis.  Monthly Billing of $179.00.

F.      Transferability – This contract cannot be transferred to any other individuals or firms.

G.     Jurisdiction – This agreement and any matters arising out of or in connection herewith shall be governed under the internal laws of the State of New York without regard to such state’s choice of law or conflicts of law rules or principles.

H.     Re-Distribution - Any listing aggregation documents, business listings and intermediary contact details provided by Equire to premium subscriber cannot be forwarded, shared or redistributed in any way.  This is intended for the use of the subscriber and no other parties.

I.       User Privacy Policy – All premium user and account information is intended for internal Equire operations only and will not be shared or redistributed to any other parties.

J.      Incorporation of Terms & Conditions – This agreement expressly incorporates the Disclosures and Terms and Conditions of Equire (available at [ ] the “T&C”), as the same may be adopted or amended from time to time.  The subscriber expressly acknowledges and agrees that any violation of the T&C shall be deemed a breach of this agreement.  As an independent contractor working for you on an ongoing consulting basis, Equire is privately able to provide this information to you.  With best intentions, we strive for accuracy, but do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of aggregated data.  All subsequent outreach performed based on materials shared by Equire as an independent contractor consultant are entirely held responsible to the client and their personal representation.